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Head of Product, Clinical Data Science


Today, health data are mostly locked up in small sandboxes, controlled by a handful of private companies or well-resourced researchers. Nightingale Open Science aims to unlock those data, securely and ethically, and make them available for the public good. Just as ImageNet jump-started the field of machine vision, Nightingale seeks to build a community of researchers working in the new scientific field of "computational medicine."

The Position

Nightingale Open Science seeks an experienced and strategic leader to manage and grow the organization’s ability to create, curate, and disseminate new medical datasets linking images (radiology, pathology, waveforms, etc) to health outcomes. These datasets are Nightingale’s key product and thus of central importance to the organization. The successful candidate will combine three key skills: first, a strong clinical background built up over years of practice (i.e., residency or greater). Second, demonstrated experience working with clinical data, e.g., via health data warehouses, claims data, or clinically-oriented research. Third, an ability to develop and manage technical teams, and work across disciplines with internal and external stakeholders. Applicants must have strong communication skills, the ability to both lead and execute in a startup environment, and a strong commitment to collaboration.


  • Provide strategic vision and day-to-day direction to drive the production of new datasets and engagement with external users and researchers.
  • Serve as a leader for the Nightingale data science team and guide the growth and expansion of the group.
  • Grow the team’s clinical and technical expertise; serve as a resource and a mentor for day-to-day questions, issues, and overall career development; help with the execution of data and research projects.
  • Lead bi-annual career development conversations with all data science team members.
  • Develop and consistently drive an efficient product lifecycle from dataset ideation to publication on the platform.
  • In partnership with Nightingale’s scientific advisors, lead the decision-making process on new disease areas, datasets, and research themes to feature on the platform.
  • In partnership with the Managing Director, form partnerships with health systems and other institutions in line with Nightingale Open Science priorities for new datasets and establish a continual strategy to source new, interesting, and diverse datasets.
  • Strategically work with the Head of Engineering to prioritize and execute on critical platform data features.

Successful candidates will have:

  • Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) and completed residency training
  • Training (bachelors, advanced, or other) in computational methods
  • 1-2 years experience in data science and 1-2 years experience leading teams or organizations
  • Proven ability to lead cross-functional teams of data scientists, product managers, and subject matter experts
  • Skilled in managing cross-functional stakeholder relationships across disciplines
  • Ability to interface with experts in the emerging field of computational medicine
  • Ability to inspire, motivate, and grow a team

More about Nightingale Open Science:

Founded in 2019, we believe this Nightingale Open Science will be transformative in expanding medical knowledge. Over the past 100 years, we have made enormous strides in understanding how the body works, and how it fails. But deep and unsolved mysteries remain. For example, sudden cardiac death kills 300,000 Americans every year, but even in the rear-view mirror, doctors can find no identifiable cause for the majority. The key to solving these problems will lie in the massive volumes of complex, high-dimensional data health systems produce every day: electrocardiograms, x-rays and CT scans, digital pathology images, and more. In our current health system, these data are interpreted by humans. But machines have new ways of ‘seeing’ signals and patterns in the data that humans cannot.

Launched in 2021 at NeurIPS, Nightingale is a non-profit, open platform housing these de-identified medical datasets, and making them available to a diverse, global community of researchers. Nightingale funds and collaboratively builds these datasets with health systems around the world, then makes the de-identified datasets available on a secure cloud platform. By focusing on data that link medical images with real patient outcomes – rather than doctors’ opinions – Nightingale enables the creation of algorithms that learn from nature – not from humans – and fosters groundbreaking research bridging computer science and clinical medicine.

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Full Stack Developer


Nightingale Open Science is a nonprofit incubating at the Center for Applied AI at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Our mission is to connect AI researchers with clinically relevant medical datasets and to facilitate serious, peer reviewed science for public good.

We’re looking for an entry- to mid-level developer to work closely with our CTO.

In January 2022 we released five world-class research datasets on the Nightingale OS platform, a hosted development environment. Data use agreements stipulate that data must remain within our environment, so our engineering challenge is to provide cost-effective, on-demand, high-performance computing with strong security controls, while allowing research teams to be very productive.

Primary tech stack

  • The main application is Elixir using Phoenix and LiveView
  • User instances are JupyterLab servers
  • Everything is a containerized service on AWS ECS
  • 100% infrastructure as code using Terraform

Our medium-term goals

  • Support classroom use cases
  • Offload AI training jobs into a managed queue
  • Be able to run training jobs in other AWS regions, cloud providers, or private data centers

Our team

  • Nightingale is a fully remote, US-based team
  • We have a handful full time employees
  • We are a nonprofit organization

You will

  • Focus on full stack application development in Elixir
  • Expand into container orchestration and distributed computing after you get comfortable

We're looking for a person who

  • Is comfortable jumping right in and learning on the fly
  • Doesn’t hesitate to respectfully challenge other people’s ideas
  • Asks a lot of questions and then figures things out pretty independently
  • Wants to be part of a micro team, which means a lot of responsibility
  • Already has a good understanding of full stack web development
  • Wants to learn Elixir
  • Wants to learn DevOps and container orchestration
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